OUR Business

After 28 years engaged in the import, unloading, storage and dispatch of LPG, as of 2023 – and in line with the needs of our customers – we entered into new Terminal Use contracts. We currently provide unloading, storage and dispatch logistics services for liquefied gas imported directly by our customers.

Unloading and Storage

Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) arrives at our Quintero and Mejillones terminals by sea in vessels of up to 80 thousand m3 of capacity. The unloaded fuel is stored in 6 specially conditioned tanks (five in Quintero and one in Mejillones). The strategic location of our terminals allows us to supply the main consumer hubs in Chile.


LPG is dispatched to our customers in two ways: by a third-party owned pipeline that connects our Quintero plant with our customers’ bottling terminals in the Metropolitan Region, and by trucks from Quintero and Mejillones.