OUR Business

Gasmar S.A. markets LPG imported mainly from the United States by sea, which is then unloaded and stored at its facilities.

Our gas reaches Arica to Puerto Montt through pipelines and ground transportation, accessing the main production and consumption hubs of the country. The company has a total storage capacity of 145,000 m³.


Gasmar mainly imports LPG from the United States of America by vessels that transport up to 80,000 of fuel. The imported product is unloaded at a specially enabled dock and then stored at our facilities. The strategic location of our terminals allows us to safely supply the main consumer hubs in Chile.

Marketing of LPG

Gasmar offers its clients supply coverage from Arica to Puerto Montt by means of pipelines and trucks.

Backup for the natural gas system

Gasmar’s logistics infrastructure and the characteristics of the product it sells allow it to be a reliable and safe backup for the natural gas distribution system. 

If there are any problems with the supply of natural gas, Gasmar is able to meet the demand of the fuel required, even in prolonged circumstances.