Present in our lives

As Chile is not a mass LPG producer, it imports it from various markets and transports it by sea to Quintero and soon to Mejillones, to then distribute it to clients.

For 25 years Gasmar has made it possible for LPG to be available for Chilean homes, meeting the diverse needs of Chilean society from Arica to Puerto Montt, including Quintero and Puchuncaví.

Around 80% of the population in the Metropolitan region consume LPG that’s supplied by Gasmar.


Cooking, heating and other daily uses of LPG can be found in our homes.


Every year more cars in the public and private sector are using LPG as a fuel.


Many industries in Chile generate products and services with the use of LPG.


Thousands of stores, restaurants, bars and others use LPG daily to serve customers.

In the Kitchen

Millions of food dishes are made daily thanks to the use of LPG, specially in those areas where the only fuel for cooking is LPG.


A large number of vehicles use LPG as a fuel to transport people and goods.


A big number of vehicles use LPG as fuel for transporting people and goods. 


A lot of products are made using the heat provided by LPG.


Many restaurants and stores use LPG to serve products and provide services to people in Chile.