Sustainable Development

“Our role at Gasmar is a commitment to assuring that Chilean families permanently have quality LPG, along with the environment and taking care of it. These are our priorities.”

Mario Basualto
Gasmar’s CEO

Air quality monitoring

Gasmar has a unique equipment in Chile to identify traces of gas odourant in the atmosphere, complemented with a weather station that measures wind speed and direction. This helps us to operate the terminal properly, controlling emissions.

Smokeless Flares

The flares located at our terminal are an additional safety measure to address increased tank pressure that is not absorbed by the refrigeration units. The remaining gas is burnt with a technique that is smoke-free.

Gas recovery system

In our truck loading area, the system has an automatic lock between the terminal and the truck, reducing any possible gas emissions to the atmosphere. The gas that is trapped between the connections is recovered and returned to the storage area with no emissions.

LPG quality control

Gasmar has launched HD-5 quality LPG to the domestic market, which is the highest standard at global level.

Clean and eco-friendly, low on greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Recommended for its use in engines thanks to its low levels of olefins.

To certify the quality of the product, it undergoes rigorous testing and analysis in the laboratory at our terminals.


We maintain fluid engagement with our neighbours, prioritising honest and transparent communication. We have focused our work in the areas of safety and education, especially accompanying the firefighters in the area and the schools.

Environment and community contact

We welcome all those who wish to contact us and get to know more about Gasmar and our engagement with the environment and Community.